Thursday, February 28, 2013

After Camping Checklist

Camping tent and bonfire
You're back from your camping getaway and you're relaxed, but tired.

Unfortunately, there are some pressing tasks to do before you can put your feet up in the easy chair.

Items you marked from your Camping Pre-Trip Checklist like setting a timer for your lights and having your mail held for pickup, will need to be addressed.

Your camping tent, sleeping bags, and pillows should be hung up to air out and dry.

Another item on the list includes doing laundry.  While that may seem obvious, I added it so you don't make the same mistake I did one year.

I waited a couple of days after our camping trip to do laundry.  Big mistake!

Some of the clothes were damp and stuffed into a laundry bag, so they grew mold.  I lost quite a few clothes that year.

So you don't make my mistakes, print your free After Camping Checklist!


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