Friday, March 15, 2013

20 Campsite Cooking Tips!

20 unique camping cooking tips at home and at the campsite

Campsite cooking can be stressful, so I've come up with these campsite cooking tips to help with your stress free camping getaway.

The first few tips are to be done while still at home, before the actual camping trip.

Tips for planning cooking at the campsite are just as important as the campsite cooking tips.

Tips before the campsite:

♦  Planning a menu before your camping getaway ensures you will pack all necessary ingredients and spices.

♦  You can pre measure all dry spices of a recipe and save in a Ziploc bag.  Label the bag so you can just dump it in when ready.

♦  Instead of bringing large bottles of spices, fill empty tic tac boxes with your favorite spices.

♦  Cook ahead as many of the meals as possible and freeze.  You'll have quick delicious meals with minimal cleanup.

♦  Precook meat at home if possible, and freeze.  Meals will be ready quicker, and cooked meat lasts longer.

♦  Checking your camping menu, chop all vegetables at home and put in ziploc bags.

♦  Freeze your water bottles. You'll save on ice and you'll have cold water to drink at the campsite.

♦  If you're worried about eggs breaking on your camping trip, break your eggs into a large container and seal.  At the campsite when you need an egg, carefully pour them out.  They will come out of the container one at a time.

♦  Mix hamburger and Lipton Onion Soup Mix.  Shape into patties and wrap each patty in a double layer of aluminum foil.  Throw them on the fire while you set up camp.  First meal is easy peazy!

Tips at the campsite:

♦  Put a pan of water on the fire while you're cooking so you'll have hot water for dishes after the meal.

♦  Slip a rope through a paper towel and hang on a tree branch or wherever convenient for quick and easy access.

♦  Stick a paper plate inside a frisbee to stabilize.  This worked great when my kids were young.

♦  In a pinch, cut a 2 liter bottle down and use as a bowl.  Be careful on the cut edges.

♦  Use a large ziploc bag instead of a bowl for mixing foods to save on cleanup.

♦  Use a ziploc bag for mixing pancake batter, cut a corner off to dispense the mix onto your griddle.

♦  Long handle channel locks work great at picking up hot cookwear.

♦  Cover the bottom of your pots with aluminum foil or liquid soap before placing over the fire to keep them clean.

♦  Use a hanging shoe organizer hung near your camping kitchen.  It can hold all your tools and utensils.  No more digging through boxes trying to find a spatula!

♦  Keep a bar of soap in a pantyhose near the water supply for easy cleanup of your hands.  The pantyhose will keep the soap clean.

♦  If water isn't handy, bungee strap a bottle of antibacterial soap and a towel around the nearest tree.

I hope some of these campsite cooking tips have helped.  If you have great tips, please share in the comments!

Happy Camping!
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