Friday, March 22, 2013

Budget Camping Tips and Resources!

Budget camping isn't probably what you think of when you think of all the camping gear you will need.  But that's not true.

Camping doesn't have to be expensive, really! 

Hopefully we can brainstorm some cheap camping ideas together.

Camping Shelter:

You could sleep under the stars, or in your car, but if you're out to get a tent, there are a few cheap ideas to explore.

You can borrow a camping tent.
You can look on Craigslist or similar for a used tent.
Hit the garage sales for a used tent.
Go to to see if renting a tent is an option in your area.

If all else fails, you can always hit  They have tons of inexpensive tents, like the 4 person camping tent pictured below for less than $40.

budget camping with low cost camping tents

Budget Camping:

There are several places you can actually camp for free.

Wilderness areas - these camping areas might require a permit, but they're usually free.  You'll be secluded which means peace and quiet but no running water or toilets.  lol  Check out maps to see if one is near you.

BLM, which is the Bureau of Land Management - also has areas free to camp.  Some areas require a permit, while others do not.  These camping areas are also without running water or toilets.

National Forests are also a good option for free camping.  The less secluded of an area you chose, the higher likelihood you'll run into some fees.

You can find free and low cost camping in the US and Canada at  This is a community driven site, so not only can you find free and low cost camping, but you can add your own to their list.

If you have an RV, check out, which lists places to park for the night for less than $10.

There are plenty of ways to still enjoy a camping getaway without spending a ton of money, however for a few bucks more you can Find The Best Camping Spots!

Happy Camping!


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