Saturday, March 23, 2013

Calling All Inexperienced Campers!

family campout program offering a camping getaway
Are you an inexperienced camper who wants to experience a camping getaway?

Well, if you live in or near Arizona, here's a great opportunity.

Arizona State Parks is offering their Family Campout Program.

It's $65 for a family of 4.  No pets and no children under 5 years old.

All you need to bring are sleeping bags, pillows, clothing, study shoes and any personal items.  i.e., toothpaste, etc.

You will be provided with a tent, sleeping mats, camp chairs, lanterns, flashlights, GPS units, water bottles, first aid kits, equipment for activities, water, lemonade, coffee, and all food which includes 2 lunches, one dinner, one breakfast, daily snacks and campfire treats.


Activities included in this camping getaway are fishing, biking, desert survival, hiking, astronomy, bats, archery and more.

For dates and registration information, visit Pason's Roundup Arizona Family Campout.

Happy Camping!

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