Friday, March 1, 2013

Camping Games!

best camping games for kids
Camping, a time to escape into nature and away from the daily grind of everyday life.  Relaxing in the sun at the campsite is so peaceful.  Tranquil.  Until...  "Mom!  I'm bored!"  lol

So how do we keep the children entertained?  Camping Games!

Finding camping games and activities the whole family can enjoy brings you all closer together.  Some of my best memories of camping are playing camping games with my kids.

Here are some fun camping games, and the best part is, they require little to no equipment!

A Scavenger Hunt

What I like about a scavenger hunt is that it's versatile.  You can use objects that you have in your camping supplies, or you can look around and use objects found at the campsite.  Flowers, colored rocks, etc. 

Make a list of objects to be found and hand them to each child.  Set a time limit.  The one with the most found objects wins.  For older kids, you can send them off the campsite to find the objects.  Just set a time when they need to be back at camp and give them a whistle and a flashlight in case they get lost.

Round-robin Storytelling

Ah, campfire stories.  Each person creates a story by adding a sentence or adding as much or as little to the story as they wish. Just go around the campfire as many times as you want, or until the story seems to run out. Round-robin storytelling sparks everyone's imagination and it allows the younger campers to participate, instead of just listening.

You can make the story harder or scarier depending on the ages of the kids involved.

Glow In The Dark Bowling

Put glow sticks in 2-liter bottles filled with water. Use a ball to knock them down.  For younger kids, you could leave the water out (if the wind is cooperating) to make it easier.

Cheeto Toss

One person has shaving cream on their face. The rest of the team throws cheetos at their face, one person at a time. At the end of five minutes, the number of cheetos stuck on their face is the number of points. Throwers must stay behind the line and may not go in front of the line to retrieve fallen cheetos.

I've never heard of this game, but it sounds like fun.  I think I would find an alternative to food being tossed.  lol


I'm sure everyone has heard of Charades.  One player tries to get the rest of the group to guess the word or phrase by acting it out.  It could be a movie title, a book, a television show, a famous person, an animal...  The player that guesses correctly is now the actor.


I remember playing this game in 3rd grade.  Many moons ago!  lol

A sentence is whispered to the first player.  They in turn whispers the sentence to the next person.  This continues until it reaches the last player in line.  The last player repeats out loud what was whispered to them.

There's no winner, just the fun of comparing the original and final sentence.

Balloon Charades

Write down people, places, or things on thin strips of paper. Fold them in half so you can stick them in a balloon.  Blow up the balloons and tie the ends. Place the balloons in the middle of a group and have one child choose a balloon. The child will then pop the balloon and act out the word on the paper. The child who correctly guesses the word will be the next actor. The game is over when there's no more balloons.

How Long Is A Minute?

A very simple game that can be used for a minute of peace and quiet.  lol

Tell the campers that you are going to time a minute on your watch. The campers have to count to a minute in their head.  They raise their hand when they think a minute is up.

The camper that is the closest guesser to the minute wins.

This game can be extended to two minutes (or any other length of time) when the children get good at it.

Flashlight tag

Flashlight tag is a combination of hide and seek and tag. The person who is "it" waits at the "jail" counting to a high number while everyone else hides. With flashlight in hand, this person searches for the others. The flashlight must remain on at all times and may not be covered. When the person who is "it " spots someone, they use the flashlight to look at the person and identify who it is and call out their name.

This is another versatile game. One variaton is to pass the flashlight to the caught person, so they become "it." Another version is to send each caught person to "jail" to wait until everyone is caught. The first person caught then becomes "it."

Musical Chairs

You don't even need chairs to play this camping game.  I've used paper plates, sticks, stones, or anything else found at the campsite.  Have one less plate or other object than the total number of kids playing. Play or sing a song, and once the song stops, the kids stand on whatever object you are using.

There are plenty of camping games to be played.  I like these games because they're so versatile and can be played with little to no equipment.

Trying to pack for a camping getaway is hard enough, so you don't need to pack extra games if there's no need.


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