Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Build a Campfire!


We're going to learn how to build a campfire.  Yes, if you've never tried, even you can build one.

First, check with the campground to make sure campfire's are allowed and learn the rules, and always have water or a fire extinguisher accessible.

You find out campfires are allowed, but should you build one?

Look at the campfire location.  Are there trees too close and low?  Is your tent/camper too close?  Is it smack dab in the middle of the walkway?  How about the wind?  If it's blowing hard, that's dangerous.  The wind can blow sparks and embers onto your gear or your family!

If conditions are safe, it's time to build your campfire.

Start gathering very dry tiny pieces of wood.  If it snaps, it's dry.

Tip:  Save dryer lint and stuff it in empty toilet paper rolls.  They make great fire starters!

You also want to gather some larger wood, or kindling.  About the size of a pencil or your fingers. 

Start building your campfire by putting the smallest of the twigs, dryer lint, pine cones, small bark, etc into the center of the fire ring.

Take the kindling, and start making a teepee.  Jab a stick in the ground and lean in toward the middle.  Go all the way around the fire starter, but leave an opening so you can light the small stuff in the center.

Light the fire a let it burn a bit so it catches the larger kindling pieces on fire.  Now you can start laying on a little bigger pieces of wood.  Not too big yet and not too fast, or you'll smother the fire.

If the fire seems to begin to die out, add small twigs and fan it with a paper plate.

Have patience.  A good campfire takes time to grow. Follow these tips and you will be able to build a great campfire.

Happy Camping!
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