Monday, March 4, 2013

The Best Camping Tips!

Here are some of the best camping tips I've learned.  These tips may or may not work for you, but hopefully you'll find one or two that will make your camping getaway a little more relaxed.

Be Prepared

This camping tip isn't something we want to think about, but this is probably one of the best tips around for camping with children.

Tip:  When you get up and get everyone dressed in the morning, have your kids line up and take a picture of them.  This way, if they get lost, you not only have a current picture, but exactly what they're wearing.

This tip can actually work for anyone or anything.  Your camping gear, your pets, anything that can become lost and you need help from park rangers or fellow campers to search.

Camper Parking in the Dark

Having plenty of readily accessible flashlights is a must.

Tip:  You've driven for hours and you finally reach the campsite...  after dark.  It seems like in my 30+ years of camping, we always reached the campsite after dark.  lol  Anyway, if you need to park a camper (backing in), you can use the flashlight to give signals to the driver.  It's the easiest way I've found.  Flashlight goes left, turn left, etc.  You can also point the flashlight up if the trailer will hit branches overhead, or turn it off if you need the driver to stop.

For a tent, it's a bit easier, but you still need to scour the area for the tent location.  Look for glass, stones, twigs, and ants!  The last thing you want to do is park your tent on an ant hill!

There are plenty more reasons, but the main point is to keep flashlights readily accessible.

Glow Sticks to the Rescue

Keeping track of children after dark can be a little hairy.  This next camping tip can help with that, especially if the kids are playing in the surrounding woods.

Tip:  Get some glow sticks and have the kids wear them as a necklace or bracelet.  Wrap them on a belt loop, or anything that works.  Now all you have to do is look for the glow.

This also works on pets.  99% of the time, pets are tied up on campsites, but if your pet escapes, at least they won't get hit by a car if he/she is glowing!

Save Those Jugs

A few weeks before your camping getaway, start saving large plastic jugs.  Wash them out, fill them with water and freeze.

Tip:  Blocks of ice stay frozen longer so you will save money from not having to buy ice so often.  When the ice finally starts to melt, you won't have to drain your cooler, and you will also have clean ice water to drink.  If someone gets a little overheated (non life threatening), give them the jug to hold. 

Toothpaste - Not Just for Teeth

Hopefully you didn't forget your toothpaste at home, and if you use toothpaste and not gel, this tip is for you.

Tip:  You've done everything to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  You've sprayed, you burned citronella candles, and you've kept your camping quarters closed up tight.  But you've gotten a mosquito bite.  Instead of digging through your first aid kit, grab some toothpaste.  (Not gel).  Put a dab on your bite and you should feel instant relief.

Bonus Camping Tip: if you've forgotten your mosquito spray, grab some Listerine or rub the inside of an orange peel on your arms and such.  That will keep them at bay!

Spare Belt for the Tree

It angers me to see campers pounding nails in trees to hang untensils or their garbage bags.  There's a better solution.

Tip:  Bring an extra belt.  Preferably a leather belt, or at least a strong heavy one.  Wrap the belt around a tree, and using S Hooks, you have a neat place to hang up your items.  You can also use strong wire pushed through the holes of the belt and bent into a hook.

Those are just a few of the best camping tips I've learned.  Come back for more as I continually update!

Happy Camping!


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