Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why You Need A Dutch Oven When Camping!

 There are many reasons why you need a dutch oven when camping

I will list as many as I can think of, and hopefully my readers will add their thoughts on camping with a dutch oven. 

The dutch oven is the best camping equipment for campfire cooking. It's a heavy, flat bottomed kettle.  It has legs for stability, a lid which keeps soot out and can serve as a griddle, and a heavy wire for lifting or hanging.

Reasons to take a dutch oven camping

Here's why you need a dutch oven when camping:
  • You'll have more packing room for camping as having a dutch oven is like having several pots and pans. 
  • You'll have less cleanup with only 1 pot to clean. 
  • It only takes water to clean a dutch oven, no soap needed. 
  • It's very versatile. It can cook anything, including bread! 
  • It's made to go right in the fire, so no gas grill needed for the dutch oven. 
  • It cooks evenly, so no burnt or raw food. 
  • It basically cooks itself so you can enjoy camping more. 
  • It's contained, so no sooty taste to your food. 
  • You're not stuck with only 1 pot meals, as the lid can serve as a griddle. 
Dutch Ovens come in various sizes and material.  The one shown above is made of cast iron.  

Cast iron dutch ovens are the most popular as they hold the heat very well and they will last a long time if properly cared for.

You'll want a dutch oven that is thick all the way around.

The legs on a dutch oven helps with stability over hot coals or wood.  Obviously you'll want a wire handle for lifting in and out of the fire.

Dutch ovens can range from $50 to over $300, but it is a wise investment.

After quite a bit of research, I found a great one for less than $65.

Check out this Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven at Amazon.  143 customer reviews at the time of this post.  5 stars is the current rating.

No matter which dutch oven you choose, you will be thrilled the next time you take it camping!

Happy Camping!


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