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25 Clever Camping Secrets Using Common Household Items

Unique uses for common camping supplies
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You've decided on a camping getaway, and you've made your camping checklist.

Did you know that some of the common camping supplies you packed can be used in other unique ways?

For instance...

Toothpaste isn't just for clean teeth! 
  • relieve the itch or burn from those nasty campsite bugs
  • relieve pain from minor burns from cooking or tending to the campfire
  • remove garlic, onion, or other stinky odors from your hands
  • mix with water to clean buggy headlights
Baby Powder:
  • sprinkle around the campsite and tent to keep the ants at bay
  • sprinkle on sand covered feet and legs to remove sand easily
  • sprinkle on sheets or in sleeping bags for a cooler sleep
  • spruce up oily hair, just sprinkle on and brush out
  • remove grease stains from clothing; sprinkle, rub, brush and repeat til gone
Coffee Filters:
  • use as hot dog or taco holders to cut down on mess
  • poke a hole in the bottom of a filter, invert filter over straw to keep bugs out of drinks
  • poke a Popsicle stick through bottom of filter to catch drips
  • use them as bowls for popcorn or other snacks
  • use as a spoon rest while cooking at the campsite
Dental Floss:
  • use to sew on buttons or repair a tear in clothing
  • string a line to hang wet bathing suits
  • use as shoelaces
  • use as a fishing line
  • repair a tent
  • use to tie down a rain fly or tarp over the tent 
 Aluminum Foil:
  • makes an excellent pot scrubber when crumpled into a ball
  • crumpled foil can clean grill grates
  • place foil under sleeping bag to reflect body heat back to you
  • like coffee filters, foil can also keep bugs out of your drink
  • shape and use as a funnel 
These are just a few unique uses that might come in handy on your next camping getaway.  What other uses can you think of?  I would love to hear them!

Happy Camping!
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