Friday, May 17, 2013

Campfire Tips And Tricks!

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I'm back with more Campfire Tips and Tricks!

Who doesn't love a campfire?  Well, I'm sure there are some, but for the rest of us, we can't go camping without a campfire!

Some of the downsides of sitting around a campfire include bugs, running out of things to talk about, and getting bored watching the same old flames.

Sitting around the campfire doesn't have to be a bad experience, and with these tips and tricks, it can bring a new camping experience!

Campfire Tips and Tricks!

Keep bugs at bay - it can get pretty annoying sitting around the campfire getting bombarded by bugs.  This campfire tip will keep those bugs at bay.

Throw a stick of sage into the campfire.  Mosquitoes and bugs hate the fumes.  You can also bundle sage and other herbs and nestle these bundles in the wood as you're building the campfire.  You'll never run out!

Vicks will also keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Just dab some on your clothes and you won't be bothered by the annoying insects.  Be careful about applying Vicks directly on children's skin as it could be too harsh.

Fabric Softener Sheets smell great to people, but mosquitoes hate it!  Most softener sheets contain linalool, and mosquitoes aren't fond of that at all.  So stick some dryer sheets in your pockets while camping or at the campfire.

Campfire Flame is pretty awesome by itself, but what could make the flames more interesting?  Chemicals.  I don't recommend any of these, but I'll list a few for the dare-devils out there.

Copper Chloride will emit a blue flame.
Borax Laundry Detergent gives off a light green flame.
Water Softener Salt for a purple flame.
Table Salt for an orange flame.
Epsom Salt and dry Coffee Creamer will emit tiny sparks.

There you have it.  Some campfire tips and tricks to keep your camping getaway interesting!

Happy Camping!


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