Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tips For Choosing the Best Camping Spot In The Campground!

campsite in a campground
Choosing the best spot in the campground is just as important as choosing the best campground.

By carefully choosing the best camping spot you can obtain a more relaxing stress-free camping getaway.

Obviously if you arrive at the campground late or without a reservation, you'll have limited choices.

Tips for choosing the best camping spot:

Size of the Campsite - you'll want a good size camping spot to fit all your equipment with enough elbow room for all your campers.  Corner lots are usually bigger, but you'll have extra road noise.

Layout of the Campsite - make sure the spot is somewhat flat.  It's okay to have a little slant, just make sure your head is uphill.  If it rains, you don't want your tent in the lowest spot.

How many trees?  You may want shade from the sun, but are the trees strategically placed?  Are you able to back your camper in without hitting branches?  Is there enough room for your camper or tent away from the firepit? 

Bonus: are there 2 trees close enough together for a clothesline?

Campsite Traffic - it's nice to camp near the bathrooms, but it has drawbacks.  Lights are normally left on all night.  There will be heavy traffic coming and going at all hours of the night, and the slamming of doors you can do without.

Look towards the back of the campground to camp.  These spots have less traffic of people driving in and out of the campground.

Try to find a deeper lot and back your camper in or pitch your tent towards the back to get away from traffic noise.

Water - camping near water for swimming and other water activities, too close to water brings more bugs and cooler weather.

Unless you are equipped with plenty of water, look for water hookups.  You don't want to lug a 5 gallon bucket of water far from camp.

I hope you find the best camping spot with these tips!

Happy Camping!


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